Shivam Minerals And Allied Industries Pvt Ltd.
Shivam Minerals And Allied Industries Pvt Ltd.
  • Solution for Industrial Minerals

    We are a globally active commodity trader specializing in industrial minerals resources as well as the associated logistics.

    Industrial minerals & ores have become indispensable raw materials for many production and manufacturing processes. Whether in the steel and refractory industry, metallurgy or, for example, in the ceramics and casting industries and many others.

    We have enormous logistical potential, premium quality, delivery reliability and efficient bulk materials logistics. What can we do for you?

Mining Resourcse

Shivam posses wealth of experience and knowledge of 40Yrs in the business and posses more than 50 areas of finest industrial ore deposits and is highly recognized as one of the largest mines owner in the region.

Mining assets provide supply security and quality for operations and a source of high-value raw materials for our esteemed clients.

Equally emphasis on mine responsibly and sustainably, minimizing the impact on the natural environment, and working closely with local communities to build skills and social infrastructure to ensure long-term development.

Futuristic Technology

Extracting the true value of mined materials efficiently and effectively takes hard work and expert knowledge. SHIVAM has solid expertise in mineral processing that includes process design and optimization, quality control and logistics management.

Our mineral processing is supported by a skilled team of multidisciplinary specialists who have carried out numerous projects brings added value in delivering optimal, flexible and customized solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

Quality Is Our Top Priority

Having an effective laboratory is one of the most important tools you’ll have available in your arsenal.

Laboratory facilities involves careful consideration of critical elements such as temperature and humidity control, sound and vibration, contamination control, ventilation, air quality, worker safety, and energy conservation

Better Logistics Solutions For You

Logistics plays a significant role in the success of any company’s operations. More importantly, logistics processes play a big part in customer satisfaction, which is more important than low product costs.

Way Forward -

1. Developing and implementing a formal logistics strategy

2. Working on inbound logistics

3. Working on Vendor Compliance Program

4. Working on time-sensitive category of products

5. Implementing Track, Analyze and Act program  

  • We Succeed When You Succeed.

Improving customer satisfaction is an important part of our business to maintain or enhance customer relationships. Learning customers’ views is important to deliver the best customer experience. In simpler terms, more loyal customers are worth the investment.

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